Who are we?

At the beginning  there is a passion for music  and beautiful "objects", a creative mind and a solid team.
Established in 1996 by Cedric Aubriot, the current CEO, Waterfall is from the start positioned as a "niche" product with its innovating glass concept.

After 4 years of intensive research and development, establishing strong partnerships, government sponsored grants (ANVAR) on 5 different programs for innovation and research, developing the ADT and Heatstream technology, the last semester of 1999 saw the start of the first Waterfall sales to the public,through a network of specialist retailers.

2006 sees the building of a new enlarged factory, with larger production lines and more efficient production.

Special partnership and collaboration with Atohm, a well acclaimed French driver manufacturer,guarantees pure sound through hard work on driver techniques.

Using very sophisticated manufacturing processes for glass cutting with precision near 100 Microns we have mastered the art of glass assembly.

12 years after the first sale of a glass loudspeaker, Waterfall is now distributed in over 50 countries and has enjoyed purchases from many prestigious customers as well as received many awards worldwide for design and acoustic excellence.