Waterfall Audio products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Waterfall Audio and its national distributors warrant free of charge labour and replacement parts in any country served by an official Waterfall Audio distributor. This Warranty covers all parts (5 years warranty on drivers, 2 years warranty on amplifiers) included in a Waterfall Audio product*.

This Warranty does not cover harm or damage resulting for mishandling (specially clipping of the amplifier resulting in burnt voice coils), poor maintenance, negligent or accidental occurrences, neglect, alteration, abuse, poor stocking conditions, excess humidity, poor packaging, transportation conditions, exposure to high voltage, alterations to the product not authorized by Waterfall Audio, and any other occurrence, condition or use that is unintended, unforeseeable or otherwise unforeseeable, or that is not in conformity with the Waterfall Audio’s instructions and recommendations or those of the trade.

5 years warranty on speakers, 2 years warranty on amplifiers (parts & service).


The use of an amplifier beyond its limits provokes clipping of the signal which might lead to destruction of the speaker (burnt voice coils). These damages are not covered by warranty.



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