SUB FLEX200 is the ideal response for those who do not want to have a conventional subwoofer standing in the room anymore. It is the anwer to the ever demanding requirements for high performance bass and visual discretion with a radically new esthetical and technical concept.

SUB FLEX200 can be installed into dry walls, various furniture or under a sofa or a bed.

The 200W built-in amplifier can also be removed (specific option) and installed in another location if needed. It really has an unequalled flexibility for integration.


Option N°1

In Wall Integration

With its « designer friendly » look, similar to a radiator (originally white painted & easily repaintable with custom color) SUB FLEX200 is designed for « first mount » installation into dry walls. Driver and bass reflex energy are directly radiating into the room for natural bass response. Inwall installation coupled with the front panel reflexion optimize the efficiency of this subwoofer.

Only 10cm are required for the installation into dry walls. Its conception enables installation into various thickness of panels (varying from 12 to 38 mm).

Option N°2

Furniture Integration

Compactness of SUB FLEX200 enables it to be installed in various custom made funiture. Sound diffusion can equally be done with energy radiation on the floor or the walls (min distance to a surface: 3cm or more).

Option N°3

Installation under furniture

SUB FLEX200 can be fitted underneath furniture requiring only a minimum 15,5cm high space.



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